Monday, March 26, 2007

Kept trash -zen on Flickr

This photo is not pretty is it?

Lately, I have begun to think about my impact on the earth and how much I am consuming and contributing to this mess.This truth was brought home to me this weekend when Oregon had her Spring Beach Cleanup . These are a few of the things they found on the beaches shopping carts,bottles to numerous to mention, a washing machine,knives, and a Ford Bronco. Last week when going to the beach it makes me angry to see people throw cigarette butts,disposeable diapers, paper and plastic everywhere. It makes me wonder would they do this in their own home and Property? Somehow I think not.

Yet, I am also a contributor to the problems of mother earth and have many ways I need to change.I like so many am a lemming when it comes to manfactured want . I think to an extent a lot of us are. We think that we have to buy the newest , best, and biggest.Here is a way you can determine your Footprint on Mother Earth?

Do you know that we have consumed and and are stillcounting this many plastic bags this year:115,584,575,978

Here is also a blog that made me really think about these issues this week:Walk Slowly,Live Wildly

On a lighter note here are is a useful photo tool: Mosiac Generator

From a Meme: 5 Quirks about me.

1. I hate escaltors they really scare me and I am afraid that I will get my feet caught in them.

2. I don't want my food to touch on my plate. Weird I know!

3. I eat each food on my plate one at a time.

4. I will often go back several times to check to see if I turned the iron off or locked the doors.Kind of reminds you of monk doesn't it?

5.I have to tear those subscription inserts out of magazines before I can read it.

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Darlene said...

yolanda ~*~ I laughed and resonated about your quirks. I too hate elevators, love Monk and unfortunately need to go back and check any tool I use that could be hazardous if left on :$

You know how every family has one of 'those' family members when it comes to food? Our uncle has a FIT if his food touches :) I told him this last Thanksgiving that I was going to serve his meal on a cookie sheet one day :)

Totally enjoyed this to you today
oxxo Darlene