Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This photo was taken at the Oregon Coast on a cold gray day in December but I still like it a lot.
I feel often that life is like this photo that it is in the gray periods of life where you learn the most and not in the sunshine days of life. I think it is on the winter days of life when we look inward that we find the true strength of our souls.
I didn't think growing up that I had that strong of strength of character but the older I get the More I know I am strong. I have already faced the worst fears of my life head on and I am okay on the other side. I see so many people in my line of work as a nurse who become victims of their circumstances and I choose not to live this way.
I believe in Life you make your on happiness and that happiness is a choice. I think it is found in small things and the simple things of life.Today for example these things made me happy:

The sound of my husbands voice telling me he loves me.
The perky yellow daffidols by the side of the road.
Finding new books online recommended by fellow bloggers.
The unconditional love in my dogs eyes.
The vineyards in my town which are beginning to sprout.

I think like the vineyards we all have to prune back our brances and vines to grow to our full potential.
To be content with what we possess is the greatest of riches-Ciecero

What have you overcome and What makes you happy?
please leave a comment and let me know

Here are some good books on my reading list:
Parched by Heather King
Accidental Happiness-Jean Ray Page
Center of Everything-Laura Moriarity
Snow Flower and The Secret Fan
The Sparrow -Gloria Russell

And some Eye Candy for you:
Iceland Eyes
Mad Media Studios
LB Imaging

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