Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I found this photo while looking for photos of the Southern Oregon Coast and just loved it. I love cobalt blue and junk shops,thrift stores and antique stores.
This weekend I have three days off and my husband who has been working six days a week has the weekend off so we are going to see the southern oregon coast something we have planning to do since before moving here but just haven't had the chance. I can't wait.
I get these urges at times to go to the ocean it seems that for me that it refills the empty parts of my soul when I am tired.If I could build a dream home if I won the lottery it would be by the sea .
Where would your dream home be?
I just finished the book My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult it is a thought provoking book and raises many ethical questions as well as moral ones.It is a must read.
I must cofess a sad fact about myself . I am a book slut.If I find any of my favorite authors books at the Goodwill,used bookstores or thrift sores I have to buy one even if I can get it from the library.Alas, a lightning bolt would strike if I went to a library and did not leave with at least three books such is my love of reading.One of my favorite modern day internet tools is library web sites where you can reserve copies of the other books you want to read and have them sent to your local library.Books were and will always be one of my escapes, my way to relax and travel to other places and contries.
Who do you think will win American Idol ? I 'm not sure but I think Jordin has the most natural talent.I guess we will see soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day.I always find it a hard holiday for me because I miss my mom so much and the fact that my wishs to have children of my own won't likely happen.

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Paula said...

I read this on Saturday, so you must be on the coast. Gorgeous, isn't it? I hope the weather was nice to you. Rainy up here on the North Coast today, but I have to admit, still pretty.
Hope you have a wonderful time!