Saturday, June 09, 2007

Everyday is a new opportunity to make a Happy Ending!!-Anonymous
The past two days have been a study in constrasts Thursday night we took the dogs for a walk after I got off work in a local park.Our little city is only about 30,000 and very Mayberryish and as we walked to the back of the park we happened upon a homeless man about our age.It made me think that just how far/close are any of us to being in his shoes?One or Two Paychecks maybe? I wondered as we drove home what happened in his life to lead him to that point?It makes me sad in this day and time to see people living on the streets when we give away so much to other countries.It also makes me very grateful for what I have and puts any problems I might have in the proper prospective.I know that I have all I need , someone to love me and a job and and roof over my head and I never go hungry.
My hubby was off yesterday( which is a rare event )and so we went to the coast.It feeds my soul to go there and when I am away from it I yearn to go back like a mermaid on dry land. We drove the back way thru the coast range thru the BLM land on the upper Neteustca. This 1 hour drive starts just behind where we live and winds thru streams that for all you southerners out there would remind you of the smokies and ends up in Beaver, Oregon very near Pacific City.We found this lovely waterfall created by an old fallen Doug Fir and a clear water swimming hole.Once we got to the coast we drove the Three Capes Scenic Route stopping at the Sand Lake Recreational Area which I love with its dunes.I got to see some beautiful goldfinches . It was just a magical day of do nothing that I love. It agains reaffirms my love for Oregon . I have had regrets like we all do about things in my life but marrying my hubby and moving to Oregon are not one of them.The Pacific Northwest feeds my soul in a way no other place ever has.It was a perfect day and an early birthday gift.I will be the big 43 next tues.
The older I get the more it is things you can't buy that make me happy.I know that seeing a small red butterfly the other night in the redwoods not far from our house made my week and the trip yesterday.
What feeds your soul?I would love to know.
I am so enjoying the Anne Lamott book in the book she uses an analogy in there that describes how I feel when I am by the sea. She desrcribes her heart opening up like a flower unfurling in spring and allowing gods love to come in like sunlight and for me Nature does that . It is in nature I feel a higher powers presence most closely.


Shelby said...

ooooooooooh such a beautiful post. I feel the sea and the northwest feeds my soul too. I was connected to it the first time I was there - strange and awesome symbiotic relationship with the land.

Enjoy your week!!

Paula said...

Ah, the feeding of the soul. For me, it's the Pacific Northwest also, the sea and the woods. I grew up on a farm in the northeastern part of our gorgeous state and just a trip to my tiny little hometown feeds my soul like nothing else...

Jennifer S. said...

Bbutterflys, ocean waves, redwoods, mountaintops - Nature too feeds my soul. (Happy belated b-day)