Monday, July 30, 2007

I found inspiraton today from this blog Magpie-girl and her thoughts on blogging.I have taken her advice and only check the stat counter about once a month.I think this is a better idea as blogging isn't a popularity contest.
I found these site funny go check them out,Bottlebiner and Holy Toast (now you can also have your own Virgin Mary toast. Is it me or why would you need a corkscrew if you were climbing up a mountain ?I just found that funny.It also makes me wonder who buys this stuff.
What personality type are you? I am INFJ.
Here is a meme I thought I would do
Being with my husband
rain on a tin roof
curling up with a good book
going to the ocean
5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
living in Northeast MS
working at a nursing home
wishing I was married
going to the MS Gulf coast for vacation
Wishing I lived on the West Coast
Taking care of my parents
5 Favorite Snacks:
Salsa and chips
Indulgence Trail Mix
fresh fruit
saltine crackers with peanut butter
anything sweet
5 songs you know all the words too:
Anything by the Eagles
Anything by Journey
Anything by George Strait
Anything by Sarah Mclachlan
Anything by Rascal Flats
5 things you will never wear again:
I will never wear bell bottoms
I will never wear a bikini
I will never wear stiletto heels
I will never wear large floral prints
I will never wear anything gold lame'
5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Pay off all our debts.
Buy both my sister and sister in law and her husband a new house.
Build a house by the ocean
Go to culinary school
Support the charities I have a deep connection with
Five People I am tagging paula, shelby and anyone else who wants to participate.


Angela Marie said...

This was great! I like reading these. You get to know someone better.

Paula said...

That was really fun (and funny!) to read. I'll play along but it might take me a couple of days!