Friday, July 27, 2007

This photo was taken on the gulf coast of alabama on a vacation in 2005 with my sister.

Do you ever get in a sort of funk? Lately I have'nt really wanted to get on computer or even take photos and I don't like feeling this way. I hope this passes soon.

Here the fair season is in full swing. Our local fair is next weekend and the theme this year is Ribbons, Rabbits and Roses.I hope to go because here in the valley between the Coast range and the Cascades is a rich agricultural region. We have some 200 vineyards in the valley growing Pinot Noir, Pinor Gris, and Reisling.I am ever amazed by the beauty of Oregon.What are your favorite fair foods. I would have to say that funnel cakes,corn dogs and cotton candy are my favorite.

I am really enjoying listening to this radio station from LA on livestream Star 97.7 they play a mix of contemporary rock that I like.

I was watching all the cover of Lindsey Lohan on TV the other day and it makes me sort of irritated when all these stars try to blame how they grew for their problems now.I grew up much the same way these girls did with a dysfunctional family and I did not end up like this. I believe at some point in life you have to take responsibility for your actions and realize you,me all of us are really the ones who are to blame for our own mistakes and not others.Sadly I don't think some of these girls will ever learn until they face hard jail time.It also irritates me at times when their parents refuse to believe that their child could do drugs or be an alcoholic. I know this is a coping mechanism but it isn't right to blame other people for their problems such as the person who your child hit when he/she was drunk, or the cop who pursued your child(this happened in our area) when he was trying to outrun the law.I firmly believe that once you are old enough to drink you are old enough to take responsibilty for your actions.Just my two cents.

I am reading the Earline Fowler Mystery series now and it is good. Sometimes I don't want to read some deep thought type book and just want to read something to entertain.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Blindsighted One said...

I agree with your stance. You have pretty pictures on your blog.

Angela Marie said...

Yolanda, sometimes I DO feel like that! and I don't like it either. There is no better way to describe this feeling other than a "funk!" Sometimes, I will just go along with it, but, not for very long.

My favorite foods are the fresh mellon ball cups, funnel cakes and corn dogs with lots of mustard! I am looking forward to our fair. I really like the exhibits.

I agree with your two cents! and ditto it!

When I went camping, I read three books... now, I am into movies. I have to really want to read, and not read just to read.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

paris parfait said...

I agree with you about Lohan, Hilton and the other spoiled young starlets. They need to get their acts together and grow up. What is attractive about being drug, drugged or going to jail? Such a paradox, with all the privileges they have; not the role models young girls need.