Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I tried posting this yesterday but it didn't go thru and after the temp got to 104 here yesterday I just didn't feel like trying again. It is hot here but thankfully not the humid type of hot I grew up with so it is at least partially bearable.
We had a guy come out to look at putting a heat pump in but it will be two weeks. Heat pumps are suppossed to be an energy saving device for heating and cooling used both in summer and winter . On the coast here where you usually have to wear a jacket it was a 100 in Cannon Beach and 99 in Manzanita.Here is to hoping it cools off soon.
I guess I have decided to continue the blog . I guess we all go thru times where we just don't know . Thanks for the encouragement from Paula ,Shelbyand Helen.
The environment and global warming has been on my mind lately.Please go check out Ali Edwards blog and the links there. It makes me proud to be Oregonian due to the legislation that comes out of this state in response to the environmental crisis we are in. I am proud of our Governor here also who proposed and participitaed in the food stamp challenge. I intend to make green one of my deciding points in the next presidental election and vote the party of my grandparents the elephant.Just my opinon nothing more nothing less. I hope that when our vehicle finally dies we can get a hybrid or biodiesel. It also makes me proud that here most every home you see in the towns in oregon when the garbage it put out there will be a garbage container of equal size for the recycyling and most everyone recycles their cans. This is something I never saw in the south when I lived there.In Ali's list of blogs check out the Eat Local link. This is something we are tying to do at our home.
Since this is an I love Oregon post please go to Posie Gets Cozy and read her blog about Astoria which is one of my most favorite cities in Oregon also.
This weekend here in my little town is the Turkey Rama festival. They are having a streetdance which makes me feel at home because growing up in the south on the 4th of July where I used to live they would have a street dance with a band and close off main street. It brings back fond memories for me.


Shelby said...

99 in Manzanita!!! Unbelievable!!

I mean I do believe you, it's just weird I guess..

I'm so glad you'll still be blogging!!! I'll be back soon.. take care and here's big hugs!!

Paula said...

Yeah! I'm glad you decided to continue. Wasn't that little heat wave yesterday something. This morning here in good ole' Astoria we woke up to fog, wind and much cooler temps. I'm kinda sad...

Angela Marie said...

Oh how funny! I tend to read from the bottom up, and back to front.
I am happy to read that you are continuing! Yippie! :) Whoo Hoo!

I try to do what I can for our earth. I am sure that I can do more.... I will check those sites that you mentioned. Thank You!

I can't even imagine it being 104 let alone 99 in Oregon! Wow!

Keep cool! I for one do NOT like the heat. I get grumpy. I don't like feeling like I am crawling into a oven. Yuck!

one little acorn said...

Congratulations on deciding to continue to blog. It is a good read. I love blogging as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends and the surprises it continues to bring.

I read your blog some time ago and was fascinated with the pic of the mushroom house. Absolutely beautiful

I will try to return more regularly to say hi...

Cheryl said...

So glad you're continuing on with blogging. It definitely is a write-when-inspired kind of thing, isn't it?

This weather has been something, hasn't it?! We usually only see a few 100 degree days, and that usually isn't until well into August! Maybe we've got them out of our system now?!?

Stay cool, and keep writing when you feel like it!