Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I hope you will all go check out AMMA Maw's photography on Flickr.I love her work and her approach to life. I like that she is comfortable in her skin and with the age she is.

Here is some linky love for you:

I like this blog:PERSISTING STARS

I would really like one of these for my house:DNA 11

Loving this artist's Jewlery: Kathy Bransfield

Stickers for your laptop:Schtickers

"When your heart speaks-Take good notes"-Judith Campbell


Shelby said...

I love the Judith Campbell quote :)

Angela Marie said...

Thanks for the wonderful links. I love when you do that! That is a great idea!

I love amma maws photos! My daughter and I have quite a collection of heart rocks we have found here and there. I love that photo!

Thank you ~ Thank you!

kate said...

Thanks for the cool links. That is a wonderful quotation.

Paula said...

I really like the photographs you have found and posted lately. Very calming and beautiful. I need calm these days...