Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This photo is of the Columbia River Gorge with Washington on the Left and Oregon on the Right.
If you have never been here you should see this if you are ever in the area. The Gorge as it is called here is magnificant and one of God's most Beautiful creations.
Sometimes I think I am Monk's sister as I have OCD tendencies regarding some things which annoys my husband to no end.Here is a case in point.
We having been going thru the stuff in the garage for the neighborhood yard sale this weekend.My hubby somehow scratched the countertop a little and even though you can't really see it it bugs me, like pictures that are off kilter, etc . I am trying to reform myself but it isn't easy.
I think that I am like this because growing up we were really poor. I lived in a house with my family and grandmother in three rooms till I was eighteen years old. It was an old house that had sloping floors and too many doors and my friends made fun of it. So I think now that I want my house to look good even though other parts of my life aren't in order.It never ceases to amaze me that so many things about your childhood affect how you view the world as an adult sometimes not necessarily for the good.
What are your quirks?
Thanks to all who have come by and left comments of late. It is truly appreciated.


Shelby said...

I am like that on some things.. depends on what day and what kind of mood I'm in too..

take care and have a terrific Thursday today :)

one little acorn said...

Beautiful Pic - it looks like a painting it so soft and muted.

As for quirks - I have many. A couple of weeks ago I did a 101 things about me list and realised after I had finished how many weird things I do - for instance...

I talk to traffic lights as I drive, saying "Please stay green, please stay green..." and when the lights stay green I say thank-you. When they turn red, I reprimand myself for being so crazy.