Friday, January 23, 2009

Image is from The Graphics Fairy

I have seen this going around the bloggy world for some time and I thought I would share 16 things you might not know about me. I like these things because it helps you to get to know people better.

1.I hate escalators. I always feel like I am going to fall off them.

2. I am a huge fan of anything vintage . Hence the vintage butterfly above which was an old postcard.

3. I love old postcards and have a collection of them.

4. I play the flute and have a dulcimer. I have always wanted to play the guitar but my fingers are to small to actually do the chords well.

5. I procrastinate doing things I don't like.

6.I really don't mind wearing glasses.

7.One of my favorite places in Oregon is Astoria. I love this little town.

8.My guilty TV pleasures are:Project Runway,Top Chef and American Idol.

9.I love music like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra .

10. I used to want to be like Hayley Mills from the Disney Movies.

11. I still like watching The Rockford Files.

12.If I didn't live on the West Coast I would love to live in Ashville, NC.

13.I love birds and the natural world.

14. I would love to be an amateur astronomer.

15. I want to learn to quilt this year.

16. When I was in my teens and early 20's I used to do a lot of pen palling.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend I will be at work.(sigh)


Relyn said...

Number 16 doesn't surprise me at all. Isn't that really what these bloggy comments are like?

I, also, love Astoria. So much.

I can't imagine having fingers to tiny for a guitar. I love the image I have now of your tiny, delicate fingers typing away, sending out your love to all corners of the blogiverse.

Willow said...

Interesting meme. I liked knowing more about you. Vintage postcards, huh?

Cloudia said...

Flute, glasses, Hayley Mills, vintage stuff esp postcards! Are you SURE you're not ME?!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This was great. I feel like my mental construct for you just got a lot fuller.

I have small hands too. Never tried to play guitar though.

SandyCarlson said...

Blog comments and pen pals--the former is an update on the latter. So true.

What do you like about Ashville?

Carolynn said...

Nice list. I'll be with you at work this weekend...well, my work, but you get the idea...

Just Joni said...

It's always fun to learn new and interesting things about our blogging friends and to see the commonalities...and we share several, now I'm wondering where you live, I didn't realize you lived on the west coast!

karen said...

Hi yolanda.. thanks for the list! nice to get to know you a bit more.. a dulcimer? wow! x

Lydia said...

And I, too, love Astoria. I love staying overnight there and driving around pretending I live there. :) It's always seemed a mini-San Francisco to me.

My hands are small, also. I did get a guitar when I was a teenager (didn't go so well) and now my husband plays it.

My "Old Postcard Wednesday" posts consistently have the most hits during each week. Is this butterfly postcard one of yours? It's so beautiful!

Adrienne said...

Hi Yolanda -
I can't believe how many things we have in common! I love vintage things, too - a lot. I love to hear the flute and the dulcimer but I don't play them. I always wanted to try the guitar but my hands are too small and I can't do the chords, either. A Hawaiian friend in my college days taught me to play the ukelele instead but there's not a lot of call for that these days. I procrastinate when I don't want to do things and Astoria is one of my most favorite Oregon places. We lived there for nearly four years, and our daughter was born when we lived there. Our music choices would let us enjoy being together to listen. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronomer - and i even dreamed of being an astronaut but I was a girl and, at that time, girls couldn't be astronauts. By the time we had that choice I had passed the age that I could qualify and I had young children.

Thanks for sharing more about yourself. It's fun to get to know you!

Elizabeth (Beth) Westmark said...

I really appreciate your kind words on my blog and hope you'll stop by again. Although the scenery is magnificent where you are, if you get lonesome for some old southern longleaf pine trees, stop by and click on any of my photo albums. I "try" to do a photo walkabout in our woods here about once a month.

Thanks again -- you have a beautiful, interesting blog. I look forward to exploring. By the way. . . I also play flute, have a dulcimer and wear glasses! Funny world. Oh, and I lived near Asheville for seven summers. I loved it, especially the great hiking, good bakeries and coffee places, clean air and sweet people.

Amy said...

I, too, love vintage postcards and Frank Sinatra. What a nice list to get to know you better!

Thanks for the photo of Presidents Bush and Obama embracing. It's very moving.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Memes on a blog resemble an interior monologue affording a much deeper peek inside a person. A regular conversation would rarely offer 16 intimate details. In fact, it would be downright strange for someone to seize a pause in the conversation and launch into "16 things about . . . ME!" BUT . . . on a blog one finds it interesting, giving, very friendly.

Thank you so much for opening up. Hmmmm . . . I wonder what would happen if we all opened up this way? I'll bet a few "world problems" would vanish instantly when we discover how much we all share incommon. ; )

Happy Saturday!

oh said...

Dear Y, Hope work is going well and easily somehow. The music that began playing when I stopped here was a LOVELY surprise! And your list is fun. I feel the same way about escalators and because I used to live in NC, I was intrigued that you would choose Asheville - have you been there? Oh, the Grove Park Inn is grand and the town is just right so I completely understand!
Off to do a little work myself ... in the kitchen!

elspeth said...

Dear Yolanda
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I shall certainly enjoy exploring yours. Love that Maya Angelou quote: it may be useful in the rocky times we seem to have ahead of us in England.
All good wishes,
x Elspeth

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh yes, vintage is so much fun! I shopped at an antique mall today, and came home with some fun little treasures to use in my art, mostly. If you have any inclination to quilt, I say that you must dive right in! I waited far too long in my life to start playing with fabric.

Paula said...

Hey Yolanda,
So sorry you have to work all weekend. Hope your days go smoothly and fast.
I love this list. We have so much in common, though I can't play a single instrument.
Maybe all of you Astoria lovers should come over and enjoy a glass of wine on my deck!

Patti said...

Hi Yolanda! What a great list! I love vintage everything too- the older I get the more my regular things are becoming "vintage"-lol. Dulcimer? I love dulcimer music- it is so relaxing to listen to. It's great to get to know you a little more- thanks for sharing.


Cedar ... said...

Thanks for sharing this, I feel like I know you better. I used to do penpals too. Maybe that's why I enjoy blogging so much. I've met so many wonderful folks from all over. ... like you!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Thank you for sharing these 16 facts about brings us closer in this blogworld and we can smile and say "oh, yes, that one is me, too!". I related to several..I can understand about The RockFord Files, it was a good, funny show and James Garner was easy on the eyes :o) I also think that living in a little trailer on the cliff by an ocean beach would be just great. That wss the road not taken...Married with child happened before I got the trailer. Oh well, maybe a slightly larger trailer for my family?!

P.S. I finally got a real word on the verification: equal ! Much less arbitrary than usual.

Tess said...

I LOVE the butterfly, how gorgeous. I'm a fan of postcards as well. People don't seem to send them so much now, but I have a couple of friends who send me really interesting ones. I use them as bookmarks so that whenever I open the book to my page I not only have a lovely image to look at but am reminded of whichever friend sent it.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Yolanda. I too have small hands. I cannot span an octave on a keyboard (incidentally neither can Elton John).

I used to play saxophone but could progress no larger than an alto sax. The Double Bass teacher turned me away at the first lesson! LOL - another school friend went in my place and she is now a profession DB player in an Orchestra here.

You've shared some beautiful thoughts, Michelle xxx

Tracy said...

Such a fun post, Yolanda! It's always great getting to know everyone. Happy Day ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by if you get a chance this week--I'm having a fun Valentine Giveaway. :o)

Shell said...

I also hate escalators for the same reason. I did a lot of pen paling too. One of my best friends I got from being pen pals.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Hope you come again.

Shelby said...

The music you chose is wonderful. Try this one too.. "An Easy One" by Hem on their album Eveningland. I like all Hem's music (that I've heard.

Childers Corner said...

I hate escalators too! I took guitar lessons for a year and I've always wanted a dulcimer. I never could play a flute, I tried so hard. I love Project Runway, Top Chef and American Idol! I hate my glasses. I had a pen pal from South Korea for many years.

Jan said...

This was fun to read. Penpalling sounds like you, with all your books and vintage postcards. Nice.

robin bird said...

how fun is this little meme?! i love knowing the little details that would probably never end up being told in a lifetime of blogging.. like you wanted to be hayley mills... me too...and like relyn i can picture your tiny hands plucking away.

tipper said...

Neat to learn more about you :) If you lived in Asheville you'd be near enough to visit me!