Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Buttons, links,and HTML :
Hi all I have been the past few days trying to get this blog like I want it and I can't believe I am beginning the get familar enough with the template that I can fix some things on my own and with help from fellow bloggers.It makes me feel sort of proud of myself that I can do this as six months ago when I tried blogger I couldn't figure it out and I don't have anyone to help me learn it here Like a (sister,bil ,etc.). I still have much to learn I want to try to figure out how to use photobucket .com to download images to to add link buttons for photo friday and sunday scribbling to sidebar. Will have to leave that for another day when I am off.
I work 12 hours tommorrow and this weekend so proably won't post those days.
I have started the Book of Dreams challenge at this site and the 21Day challenge at this site.
I have hopes that my cousin will buy my dad's land and we can start planning our move in fast forward for the fall.So looking forward to it.
These two challenges above tie into that as I want to be on my way to realizing my dreams and changing my bad habits by the time we move.

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