Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last night when i tried to add spc button it messed up template and have spent about 6 hours trying to get it back like I want it.Still can't get button for this to load for self portrait site but oh well.I should know these template changes real well in a few weeks at the rate I am going . I have added link buttons to studio friday,and photo friday but can't get actual links to hook up to them.Will work on that . Although with a little help I am proud I have done as much as I have with it considering I have no experience with html coding.
Is anybody watching"The Real Housewives of Orange County" ? I watch it sometime to see how the other half lives. I can't fathom letting your child spend 2400$ for clothes for school clothes and $15,000 for a chandleir. What really get's me about this show is that these people flaunt their wealth like last night the gut Slade states"I have a black American Express" card so they close down the store for us. I mean who really cares. I don't. It is just hard for me to think of people like this when I work a full time job as an rn ,twelve hour shifts for 22 years on my feet and I drive a 5 year old car with 94'000 miles on it and worry about spending $15.00 for a pair of capri pants and these people live in 3'000'000 $ homes and spend what I make in a year on plastic surgery and botox.I surely would not get on TV to flaunt all of this . To me these men and women come off as shallow and self centered.I wish they could live in the real world for awhile.The only one who is half way normal is the single mom.Why do they put shows like this on TV.
I am going in just a little bit to get my hair cut. I love getting it cut because I have very thick,coarse hair courtesy of my Cherokee indian great-great grandmother and when it gets longer it gets thick and heavy and when I get it cut it feels like a load has been lifted literally .LOL.
Oh , well better sign off. I don't think I will fool anymore with the template for awhile.

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