Friday, April 28, 2006

Grateful Friday:

Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it-William A. Ward

Things I am Grateful for Today:
1.The public library-Love libraries and the fact that in them the world is open to all who read and want to learn. I owe so much to libraries and what knowledge I have gained from them over the years.
2.The blue of the sky and the clearness of the air on spring days in the south when the haze isn't there. It is like oregon weather is all year. Love the quality of the light this time of the year without the everpresent humidity of the south in summer.
3.Love that there is such a thing as the internet. For a lot of reasons but most especially because it allows you to be a lifelong learner without leaving home and to meet kindred souls who don't live near you.
4.For The feel of grass beneath my feet on warm spring days. I love being barefooted and just glad that I have feet. Life's simple pleasures are the best.
5.For memories. I think back on when I was a child and I think of my granny and her sister who gardened. I remember seeing her plant flowers and vegetables this time of year and the fresh strawberries she used to puree with just a hand chopper and put sugar in them . Nothing tasted better except maybe fresh tomatoes out of the garden with salt on them.
6.For pets: Nothing loves me as unconditionally as my dogs.If I could only be the people they are.
7.For the fact that I am american and have the ability to express my opinions on any subject in this forum without fear of retribution.
8.For CSI the tv show . I have been a fan from the start and still love the show. Just a science geek at heart.
9.For Target-Just love that store .
10.For just being alive this day- Sometimes Just Being is all we need.

I have to work both days this weekend so proably won't post but hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Hope to post pictues starting next week.

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