Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why I Live Where I Live:
I came to live here because of the love I have for the man in my life. He and I met in the spring of 2000 during a particularly difficult time in my life. My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing chemo which she would stop within a few weeks. I had watched a tv show Dateline I think showing about online dating ;so I go online and posted my profile on thinking no one would respond. After two or three responses vince emailed me and the rest is history. I remember thinking the first time we went to eat that he might be an ax murder or something but alas he is all I ever wanted in a man . If I had not took the chance to meet him I would proably still be alone.
I came to live in Oxford, ms in Feb 2001 It was a hard choice but the right choice to make because my mom was still alive but ill . She eventually came to live with us for the last 5 months of her life on hospice but I know it was the right choice.After moving to live here I have found that wherever we are together is home whether it be a trailer ,motel room etc. Home to me is a feeling of safeness and protection , where I can be me.
While I like where we presently live:quaint little college town in the south with the sqaure and Thomas Kincaide like streets etc. it has never felt like home. The place I truly felt at home is in calif,and oregon. It is where I hopefully will be in the coming months.
I know from the moves I have made in my life that home is the things you add to make it that. Home to me is my pottery collection,our old aquired junktiques , my old postcards and san francisco pics and collections. It is pictures of family and my cast iron skillet.It is the greeting of my dogs when I come home afterwork.It is the finishing of each others sentences that vince and I do after 6 years together.To me that is Home.
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