Saturday, April 22, 2006

Favorite Things Saturday:
Loved looking at the pics on this blog from the seashore these pictures got me to thinking about my favorite things. I love going tidepooling and seeing all the majesty that the ocean gives up as Anne Morrow Lindbergh said "The Gift of the Sea"

These are some things making me happy today.
  1. The appearence of fruit stands on the side of the road promising summers freshness of fruits and vegetable.
  2. The smell of library books, new books and magazines.(don't laugh)
  3. The sight of bluebirds and indigo bunting .
  4. The laughter of my husband and those I love.
  5. The way the light shines thru the green of the newly sprung leaves.
  6. Finding new blogs that I connect with and feel a kinship with their writers.
  7. Going to the dollar tree and finding small treasures.
  8. All the different shades of green in the springtime.
  9. Feeling the wind on my face as we ride down the road with the windows down.
  10. Anticiapating a move closer to the ocean in the future.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Thank you! That made me smile. :) I love your list. Those are some of my favorite things, too. Especially the smell of library books. :)