Monday, May 29, 2006

Betwixt and Between:
you know when technology works it is wonderful but when it doesn't it sucks like right now. Somehow I have managed to lock up the other computer in Adobe editor while trying to make a banner image.I have tried rebooting and everything and all you see is a bunch of buttons . I forsee a call to Adobe tech support in the near future. So I guess no photos today. I did go to the local university where the magnolias and hydragenas are blooming and the local lake to take some pics. Now if I can only get that picture of maine unstuck from the computer. Who knew a banner image could be so hard. Just call me Photoshop impaired I guess.
Depending on what happens tommorrow We could be selling the house starting next week or not. Here's hoping they still want it and it passess inspection etc. I never dreamed it could go this fast but I am glad for it. I just hope things don't fall thru. If they don't we could be on our way by late June and I could only possibly have two weeks left with my job.
One of the reasons I am so glad I have the husband I do is that he always supports me. I talked to a family member last night and she says"I don't know if I will be able to come see you out there." For once I wish I had someone in my immediate family that could get excited for me about something.Just kinda hurt my feelings is all .
If I had to define one emotion that has ruled my life so far and the one I want to conquer it is fear.Fear of failure has always been my worst enemy.I think because of the way I was raised by my dad. It seemed I was never good enough and to this day if their was an adjective to describe me it would be worry wart. I worry about the what if's . So this move is such a risk for me and evidence of a new chapter of my life.It is something I would never have done in the past.I hope that I am beginning to leave this part of my life behind. The fear of failure and never measuring up.
Here's hoping that I conquer that fear with work and I manage to get a banner made before I move or that picture of Maine though beautiful will get kinda old. Photoshop I will conquer you or die trying.LOL.
Hope everyone has a good week. I hope everyone whatever religion or belief you are will keep those people in Indonesia/Java in our prayers .

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