Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I will post more later today but for tonight just a short post. I am just tired my legs are cramping from being up on them for 12 hours past two days. Just tired.I am also kind of disappointed that the deal fell thru on the house as the people who wanted it couldn't afford house payment.
It is a crazy world we live in . This past weekend a mother in memphis sold her 6 month old baby for crack and a twelve year old was killed in a drive by.
Go on over and check out the Garden at Two Peas awesome work by the Garden Girls. I especially like those done by Lisa McGarvey.


dani said...

hey yolanda! rest up, sounds like you need it. nice to meet you too.

Bohemian Girl said... really touched me this evening. thank you for thinking of me when you read Andrea's blog post about her new beautiful bebe in belly. it if you knew i needed to hear that reassurance.

you were an angel to me this evening.

i appreciate you.