Sunday, May 28, 2006

First Love:
First Love for Sunday Scribblings . My first love was a guy named Kevin.He moved to the small town I lived in from Illinois when I was in seventh grade and I thought he was the cutest boy. He never knew I existed until I was a senior in high school and then we would sit together on the bus every day which was my most favorite time of day. I thought he hung the moon .His mom worked with my mom and she always thought we should get married because she thought we would be good together but alas he had other plans .Around prom season of that year he thought I wasn't popular enough and started dating another girl with more money and that was more popular and it broke my heart but I do know that even after he got married that he still asked about me from his brother so I must not have been totally bad.He was the first guy that was a best friend and someone I cared about.
I had other first loves too. I guess truth be told books were really my first love. Books from the library took me places I never thought I would go and introduced me to other cultures and ways of thinking . Books were a love I have taken with me to this day.
On a related note my first crush as a teenager was on Leif Garrett. I used to think he along with Shaun Cassidy was just the cutest boys. I dreamed of going to Cali. to meet them. Poor old Lief he can't stay out of Jail now.
I remember when I got an allowance at that time in my life every month I would go and buy Tiger Beat Magazine.
First love is sweet but I doesn't compare to the real love I have now which I am extremely grateful for.


paris parfait said...

I agree with that sentiment - books being a love I have taken with me to this day. Books and images and ideas I learned from those books have infused my life. If it weren't for books, I'd probably still be in that small town I couldn't wait to leave. Lovely post!

NuttersNotes said...

Yes...books...books...books! Keep the love alive. More books...less video games, I say. Congrats on finding the true love though it wasn't the first. Nice post

susanlavonne said...

Oh my how I remember that awful pining feeling of liking someone soooo much and feeling almost invisible...ouch! You wrote so well about it. It was hard then to realize that THEY were the ones missing out ;-)
Tiger Beat magazine...I haven't thought about that in years...I loved that magazine! Thanks for the trip back in time...

Kim G. said...

So glad you found your real love and that Kevin, somewhere in his heart, knows he missed out on a good thing.

If you are a book lover, you'll have to visit Powell's in Portland when you come to Oregon! It's call "the city of books" and the store takes up about a city block. Hope you'll enjoy Oregon (don't believe what they say about the rain - it's really not that bad!)

boliyou said...

I love the line "First love is sweet but I doesn't compare to the real love I have now..." So true!