Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well at the hour of 5:40A someone called and wanted to look at the house this am at 7 and then they came back at luch today . I am excited as the house is not on the market yet and just by word of mouth somone came to look at it.I hope we sell it soon. If we do I guess we will be moving quicker than I think. We both DH and I have told both our jobs and families so it really is just a matter of selling the house. I am excited and a little scared but that is good. We have to start this weekend boxing stuff up . Who knew that you could accumulate so much stuff in five years.
I promise to post photos this weekend . I have have had to work Three 12 hour shifts this week and I am really tired and none of them were good days.They were days where you only get to sit down for possibly 20 minutes in the whole shift.
I also want to say a thank you to all of you who have posted a comment on my blog when I started this I never dreamed anyone would ever read it much less comment on it. I also want to say that I truly enjoy reading all of your blogs also.So thanks again after two awful days at work I came home last night to find something ( your comments} that made my day.
Soul Patrol***If Chris couldn't win I was glad to see Taylor win. I think they will both go far and hasn't Carrie Underwood blossomed into a talented performer.
I was flipping thru the channels the other day and came upon a Faith Hill special called Firefly's and while listening to the words to that song I started to cry.I have found that music more than anything can bring tears to my eyes when the message of the song really hits home with me like that song did. It has always been that way . Songs can reach me with their lyrics when nothing else can.
I am glad like her to Be a Mississppi Girl. Although I love to travel and am excited to move I know that I will always have my roots here like Faith. I think being from a small town like she is and most of the people in MS are makes you down to earth, keeps you grounded.I am glad for that and oddly enough for my southern drawl. I know that no matter where we live I will always be southern and I am proud of it. It made me the person I am and I am glad that my roots are here and That I grew my wings here.

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whitney said...

Hope all goes well with your house. Sorry you had a bad stretch of work. But now you get to look forward to that shift where not much goes on, and you don't have to feel guilty for not working hard because of all the days you run your butt off. I just started back to work yesterday (pediatric cardiology) for my 4 hour shift a week. (I am in Canada and am on maternity leave and 4 hours is the most money I can earn a week and still get my mat leave) It was great to be back and see all my friends, but I too had a bad shift. One of my patients has, among other problems, shaken baby syndrome. So tiny, so precious, so innocent - and his life is ruined. It made my cry, I stood by his crib holding him and just cried. When I got home I held my little one and cried some more. I too will look forward to a happy shift.