Sunday, February 04, 2007

100th post
Hey, who would have thought when I started this almost a year ago I would get to 100 posts.I had started two other blogs and closed them down before this one.
Granted I am not the most regular poster but at least I try.LOL.
I have thought many times since that I didn't have anything to say or share and thought about quitting but I always seem to go back to it for these reasons. I think it gives me a chance to share my photography with others and I just enjoy meeting other people and sharing their lives also.
I have tried many times to keep a journal but failed miserably but for me this is easier . G rowing up I always had pen pals and in a sense this is much the same.I enjoy reading about others and sharing their lives and realizing we are all essentially the same inside and that we all seek a connection.
I recently saw this quote on Ali's blog and really liked it and wanted to share it with you.
Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day the world is made new.Today is a new day.Today is my world made new.I have lived my life up to this moment to come to this day.This moment-this day-is as good as any moment in all eternity. I shall make this day -each moment of this day- a heaven on earth. This is my day of opportunity.
Dean Custer.
This is a lists a Simple Things that make me Happy.I hope you will drop by and leave me a comment and share yours.
1.Sand between my toes.
2.summer tomatoes
3.beach glass
4.heart shaped stones
5.thunder storms
6.summer sunsets
7.the sound of lawns being mowed in the summer.
8.the smell of vanilla
9.fresh southern cornbread
10.taste of a cool watermelon in the summer
Hope all of you have a wonderful week . I will try to post in a day or so since I work those 14 hour days for the next two days at work.


East of Oregon said...

Hi! I love this post and the quote! Your photos for it are just lovely. I hope you are doing well and don't work too hard! I've recently posted some Oregon pics from my trip a couple years ago - I'm so ready to come back... Take care and I'll check on you later:)

Angela Marie said...

100th Post!! Wow. I can not even imagine that.

Love your photos, this quote and your list of simple things that make you happy! I like your list and would have said the same, I will add... to hear the laughter of children.

Kim G. said...

Congrats on the milestone! Your pictures are lovely and the list was filled with great sights, sounds and smells. We don't get many thunderstorms here in Oregon (not like the midwest or south anyway) but when we do, I love to pull chairs into the garage and watch them and listen to the thunder. It makes me giggle for some bizarre reason!

Have a good week at work!