Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008

We interupt this brodcast to tell you we are experiencing temporary technical difficulty.

I really enjoyed the time with my family but I am glad to get back to somewhat of a normal routine.
If any of you are tech savvy I need your advice. My brother in law uploaded some pics and somehow after that now when I go to upload my pics from adobe it will not pull them up. Any help would be appreciated.
This photo here was taken near Detroit Lake in the Santiam Pass on the Highway to Bend, Oregon.
If you were a reader last year you will remember that I chose a word to be my mantra or goal for 2007 it was authentic. This year I have chosen :
Revitalize- it means from Webster's Dictionary to:
{give new life or vigor to }

I see so many areas of my life that this could apply too. I hope to live up to this word and apply it to my life in the coming year.

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
Aldous HuxleyEnglish critic & novelist (1894 - 1963)


Inland Empire Girl said...

Perfect word for 2008!

Evelyn said...

That is so, so true! You can only change you! I keep working on that on a continual basis.

Karen said...

I like it! So many of my favorite bloggers seem to be choosing theme words--I need to get busy and decide on my own.

Marsha said...

I love your choice of word for the year. As you've seen on my blog I've chosen a theme of 6 words - Live Simply. Laugh Often. Love Deeply. But if I were to choose a word I think it would be legacy. I want to be intentional about the way I live because my life doesn't just effect me. Like a stone thrown into a lake, there is a ripple effect radiating out from me. Hmm, I guess my word could be intentional...I'll have to think on that one. Thanks for the food for thought.